Ride Report: 04.02.10

‘decided I needed to start getting some serious miles under my belt if I’m even going to come close to some of my goals this year.  I planned a nice paced ride from Lewisberry, to Wellsville, to Dillsburg, to Rosstown, to Pinetown, back to Lewisberry.

When starting out, the temp was 55F, when finishing; 72F.  I wore a lightweight wool shirt under my cotton riding shirt (I’m going for one more season with this old favorite, but its questionable).  Halfway through I peeled off the wool.

Simply a beautiful morning and great ride, although my legs are hamburger this morning.  Not a lot of traffic, but plenty of motorcycles for the long weekend.  Saw one roadie the whole trip.

I know of three alpaca farms in the area…there are probably more, along with emu farms.  These guys were hanging out south of Dillsburg and seemed nervous about me taking this picture.

Still a little snow up on Ski Roundtop, but not much longer.

I just had to stop and take this shot along Pinetown Road.  Could you ask for a prettier route?

Misc Miles: 1.5

Distance: 35 miles  2010: 173.1


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