Ride Report: 03.28.10

‘went out for a ride yesterday afternoon just as it was starting to drizzle.  Plus I was under the gun to get back so we could do the Lobsterfest thing in honor of son#1’s birthday.  It seems like in our family, birthdays require multiple celebrations: first is the extended family with the usual suspects who travel at least an hour to gather at the drop of a hat; and then our family gathering, which tends to be a bit more intimate.

So no pictures…  I wore a midweight wool shirt, which at first had me thinking that I overdressed, but as the rain picked up and the temperature dropped, it proved almost perfect.  Riding through Lisburn, I saw about two dozen kids lined up for soccer practice at McComick Field.  They looked no more than U10 – sorry way to spend a wet Sunday afternoon.

Also went out kind of fast without realizing it – that’s OK.  Legs are feeling it today, but not that bad.  I’m really looking forward to the warm weather predicted for the end of the week.  I feel a longer ride coming.

Distance: 19 miles  2010: 136.6


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