Ride Report: 03.20.10, Pinchot Recon

I headed out this morning around 8:00 to check out the campsite for the S24O.  46F, making it a little brisk, but my God, what a beautiful morning.  After climbing the hills on Pleasant View and Twin Lakes, it was smooth cruising on Rossville Road.

‘just about 8 miles to the camp entrance.

They’re not open for the season yet, and there are gates a little past the entrance, but I have an LHT, and I can go anywhere!

The campsite is right out on the end of the peninsula with a great view of the lake.

Just down over the parking spot is a fire ring, picnic table, and enough room for some tents.  The ground is pretty wet along the shore line, but it firms up after a few feet.

Since it was still a little nippy and I had the whole place to myself, I pulled out the stove and enjoyed a mug of hot chocolate while I watched the fisherman.

Just from this vantage point I counted 17 boats, but absolutely no noise.  These guys are into some serious fishing, and there seems to be some code of honor where they “don’t disturb the fish.”  There is a launch across the way and at least two of the boats were within 50 feet of the campsite.

On the way out I passed this bathroom, and I assume there are showers, all within 75 yards from the site; so civilization isn’t too far away.

Afterwards I decided to ride out Pinetown Road, down Moores Mountain, and into Lewisberry.  By the time I was passing Roundtop at 11:00 it was 60F and I had to stop and peel down to a shirt and shorts.  Great morning for a ride.

Misc. Miles: 1.7

Distance: 21.6 miles  2010: 110.0

5 responses to “Ride Report: 03.20.10, Pinchot Recon

  1. I rode down Moore’s Mountain, too. About half-way down at 374mph I realized that nothing along my course was supposed to be quite that steep. As it turns out, I made a wrong turn and ended up about 4 miles off course. Blah!

  2. I had a truck pass me just as I hit the peak, and then I was in his rear view mirror the whole way down.
    How was your ride? Do you see any problems with the back roads?

  3. The only real problem was taking a wrong turn on Moore’s Mountain Rd. That frackin’ intersection has 3 different Pinetown Roads coming together with Moore’s Mountain, and at least one of the Pinetowns is also Moore’s Mountain. Grrr. It was a costly mistake, but that 19% downhill was almost worth it.

  4. Yah. We have a couple Pinetown Roads, some Ridge Roads, I still haven’t figured out all of the Lisburn Roads, and don’t even get me started on the Pleasants, Pleasant Views, and Pleasant Hills. Rule number one of country biking though: Never take a road with “mountain”, “view”, or “overlook” in the name.

  5. Every time I’ve stayed at Pinchot was great. Your touring setup in the next post looks awesome too. Can’t wait to hear how your bike rides fully loaded. Enjoy the trip!

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