S24O Adventure

Bone, Sloth, and possibly a few others have invited me along on an S24O for April 10 over at Pinchot.  This should prove most interesting, since they’ll be trekking some 18 or so miles through the wilderness of northern York County; while I will basically just step off my patio.  I’m hoping to ride out tomorrow to inspect the campsite and get a general lay of the land, although I’ve been over there many times.

It should be early enough in the season that we don’t have to worry about any fishing tournaments, drunk Winabago hooligans, or swarms of mosquitos; but I’m not sure about all of the pond frogs that have been carrying on.  Fortunately for the others, I think my snoring will drown them out.  Lately I’ve been checking out other blogs for equipment lists and the like, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how well set I am.  I just basically have to remember not to put potato chips in the compression sack, and I’m set.

Last night I spent some time packing and re-packing to get things right; loading it on the bike, and then taking a spin around the neighborhood.

I feel inspired to grow a beard or something…


4 responses to “S24O Adventure

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  2. I did some shopping at REI today. Fry pan, a new pad and fire.

    We are ready for our two week tour in July.
    Have a great S24o.

  3. I’ve heard good things about the Pocket Rocket. Just make sure to carry a separate lighter because the piezos have been known to go out. They’re really compact.

  4. Ha! My riding partner smokes to there will be no shortage of fire starters. Matches, lighters, flints, magifying glasses.

    His smokes are the most taken care of item on our tours. They are in plastic freezer bags in side plastic tubs, in plastic trash bags in his pannier.

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