Ride Report: 03.16.10

This past Sunday there was an interview with Brett Michaels of Poison fame in the Harrisburg Patriot. He is back in the news because of his appearance on Celebrity Apprentice this season (a show I have yet to watch). Anyway…Brett made the comment about how he has fond memories of tubing down the Yellow Breeches. In honor of Brett Michaels and the Yellow Breeches, I rode out Lisburn Road and back along McCormick last evening.

The water is high and fast. Any tubing would probably break a few speed records at this point. I have seen some car-topped kayakers, but I don’t know if they’ve been on this water. This shot is taken just before entering Lisburn. I should have taken one of the bridge also, because it has an interesting story. When it was rebuilt a few years back, PDot intentionally spec’d rusty guiderails to give it a historical look. Nice try, but it missed the mark.

This stone arch bridge is on McCormick just as it turns parallel to the stream. It’s on private land and quite scenic. There are a few others in the region.

Here is one of the more popular spots to stop and take in the scenery; or do some serious fly fishing. It seems this stretch is also popular for dog walking with the locals.

Distance: 18.3 miles 2010: 86.7


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