Camping Setup

I had some gear show up this week, so I spent a little time playing around with how to carry it on the Trucker.  I’m working from a list I put together over the winter that includes a lot more small items, but not so much to really fill up the bags.  The only large items remaining would be miscellaneous clothing.

The bulkiest item is the Big Agnes bag on the front rack.  It’s already in the stock compression sack, and I don’t think it could go down much more.  That also seems to have the most impact on the handling.  It’s not a big deal while riding, but it does make things unstable if the bike is loaded and I’m using the rear stand, like in the picture.

I could carry the air pad in the right pannier, but there was plenty of room in the saddlebag, at least for now.

The right pannier has the tent.  It’s a used Kelty Gunnison 2 that rolls up surprisingly small without any bags.  It’s no mansion, but it should be comfortable and it sets up really fast.  What I don’t have is a footprint, and I’m not yet sold on the idea that I need one just yet.  For now, I wrapped some velcro strips around the poles and snugged them to the top tube.  That led to moving the  pump to behind the seat tube.  Ideally I can come up with a bag to keep the poles in.

The left pannier is the kitchen, with a stove, fuel, some plastic ware, and plenty of room for food.

That leaves the saddlebag for miscellaneous items like tools, jackets, socks, etc…

It rides well and everything is secure.  You can tell the weight is there, but it could just be a matter of getting used to it.


4 responses to “Camping Setup

  1. I have used my tent for three years without a footprint and there are no issues with the base of the tent.

  2. Hmm. I would think the Trucker would handle better with most of the weight in back, but I’ve never tried it the other way. How’s it handle?

  3. I read all of the comments about the LHT being better as a rear loader because of the high trail fork, but I talked to a few owners who have run them front loaded and they report no real problem. With my own experience, I notice it, but not really in a bad way. I think much of that has to do that any real weight is very low in the panniers and only the sleeping bag (5 lbs) is on the rack. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that using the rear stand with the front loaded up is unwieldy, so a Pletcher double stand might help that. I’ve yet to take it loaded on a longer ride, but thus far I like the way it’s set up and how it handles. Plus, I’m getting excited about doing some camping now that the weather is breaking.

  4. p.s. I have never toured with front panniers. Rear has always worked well. The only problems I ever encounter is getting on and off the bike. I learned to tip the bike and swing my leg over the front wheel then handlebars to get on the thing.

    Your going to love touring.

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