Why I Like Snowstorms

Sure.  My shoulders are sore and our old Civic probably won’t be shoveled out until April, but it really hasn’t been that bad.

– It is good exercise as long as you pace yourself.  We’re at the point where we don’t really have any more room to put more snow, but our neighbors have been great with coming along and using their snowblowers to help us clear that last big pile that the plow dumped on us; and then some.

– We get to accept our neighbors generosity.  There is no better way to get to know someone than letting them help you out.  You’re giving them an opportunity to show their best side.

– It works both ways.  After John was done clearing our driveway this morning, I was able to help him with digging out his mailbox.  Then I saw Bob shoveling; and it turned out his snowblower had broken down; so I was able to help him dig out the end of his driveway.

– It makes all the work with owning a woodstove seem that much more sensible.  With the high winds and impassible roads, there was a real threat of losing power.  Having that stove guarantees a degree of comfort, shelter, and safety.

– It makes the $900 I paid for a 22 year old four wheel drive pickup worth every penny.  Even this morning, the roads were pretty bad, and I was in fwd most of the trip to work.

– It takes away that grey monotone shadow that everything has during winter, and makes life a challenge.  Normally, we have no trouble managing in the cold, but I think it affects our attitude.  Now, everyone has something to get excited about – it looks like winter should look.

– It raises the anticipation level for a long ride on a cool spring afternoon that much more.


2 responses to “Why I Like Snowstorms

  1. I agree completely with everything you said except I don’t really like snowstorms all that much.

  2. Ha! Well it’s supposed to hit a balmy 35F today. You can break out the sunscreen and sit out on your deck chair!

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