Sleeping Bag Query

Mummy or Rectangular?  When I sleep it’s usually on my side with one arm above my head.  I think I move around a bit, usually rolling from one side to the other a few times a night.  And when I’ve camped before, I find myself “cocooning” in the morning to keep my head warm.

Sooo…  A mummy would be warmer, take care of the cold head issue; but would I have an issue with not being able to move my arms?  A lower level Big Agnes would leave enough room for rolling around otherwise.  Never tried a mummy bag.

There are low temp rated rectangulars that people seem to like, and I could always wear my wool beanie to sleep; but they don’t pack up as small.  On warmer nights, they can be opened up and used like a quilt.


6 responses to “Sleeping Bag Query

  1. I have one of these ( and I really like it.

    Made in the USA, too!

  2. I’d actually looked at those, along with the Exped’s, but they’re a bit pricey for me to think about at this point. thx.

  3. The Big Agnes concept, with the pad that fits into the bottom of the bag, is really neat. I turn over a lot when I sleep, and can’t sleep on my back at all, and a large rectangular bag is probably in my near future.

  4. You might like the North Face Mammoth. It’s an extra-roomy mummy bag. Rated to 20 degrees.

    I have an older version of it, and it gives me enough room to wiggle around without the straitjacket feel of most mummy bags. REI has them for $170.

    You’re welcome to come over and crawl in it and see how it feels.

    North Face also makes a 0 degree version called the Goliath for when you want to go camping in the cold 🙂

  5. Good thoughts. I’ll be taking a look at these.

  6. I have a small mummy, a Lafuma One Kilo Extreme or somesuch, I’m a side sleeper as well and I DO have trouble rolling over … you might want something bigger, but I don’t know what.

    I will say this … when it’s warm, just bring a sheet, and maybe a small blanket. Smaller and lighter than a sleeping bag.

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