Ride Report: 01.19.10

Did a little better last night with a short fitness ride, although I’m feeling some stiffness in the legs this morning…in a good kind of way.

I was surprised how much the temperature was dropping between my getting home last night, getting out on the bike, and even during the ride.  When I noticed the thermometer hitting 33F I started heading for home, fearing that some of the water still on the roadways would turn into black ice.

As I was headed out of the neighborhood, I came around the corner and spotted a red blinky.  First thought was another bike, but it turned out to be a runner with a light clamped onto her jacket.  I didn’t see if she had another on the back.

Strange moment: riding along Old Schoolhouse Lane at 7:00pm, with nothing around but a horse pasture, I swear I get a wiff of fresh brewed coffee.

Distance: 8.8 miles  2010:  17.5


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