‘took awhile.  Not to come up with, but just to get them down.  Here’s what I’ve been thinking:

Health: I’m going to lose 15 pounds.  Old age and my weight’s been creeping up the last few years, so I’m going to fight back.  My main strategy is going to focus on diet, since that is the culprit.  Portion control – too often I find myself not stopping when I am full, and feeling the need to clean the plate.  I don’t need to do that.  Far less sugar – in both processed foods and my coffee.  I find that if I taste something sweet, I then have cravings for more.  I tried some Truvia the other day and I like the fact that there is no aftertaste.  A bit more of the fruits and veggies; nothing overboard, but at least an attempt.  And finally, more exercise, even if it isn’t biking.

– Speaking of biking…  I really like how picking a destination to define a ride or series of rides has worked out compared to just grinding out miles.  It creates a sense of journey and exploration and takes away the “workout” mentality.  I’m going to continue to pick spots on the map and then go find them.

That will hopefully lead to some more longish day rides.  My mileage was down in 2009, mainly because all of my Saturdays from May to November were consumed with helping to build our church’s new Youth Center.  That’s a fine tradeoff because it was a great project and experience, but now I hope to get back in to rides where I’m in the saddle for most of the day.  I know I’m going to have to catch up on some things around the house, but I’ll work it in.

Conversely, I want to ride more often, even if it’s just for short rides.  Like the saying goes, “any ride is a good ride.”  So even some short jaunts in what spare time I can find will do.

Photography: Along with the exploration theme, I’m going to put a bit more into picture taking.  The Fields of Stone series two years ago was both fun and motivating.  Since losing the Pocketcam a few months back, I’ve neglected photography.  I got a Vivitar for Christmas that unfortunately hasn’t worked out, so I have an inexpensive used Nikon on the way that I know will take great shots – not as compact as the Vivitar, but far better quality.

Camping: I’m going to give bike camping a try.  First an S24O, and then maybe more.  And if it really catches, I might get the fam involved.  I’ve been setting aside a little money each month to invest in some very basic gear, and now I’ve started shopping around.  I have to admit that it’s a bit overwhelming since this is new territory, but like John has said, don’t over analyze it.  I picked up a pair of panniers on closeout and am currently looking around for a sleeping bag that is  lite, roomy, warm, and reasonably priced.  We might actually have a decent little two person tent downstairs if I can find replacement poles for it.

Bikes: I’m really happy with the LHT, so I don’t expect many more changes.  Maybe an integrated front rack if the camping thing works out and the price is right. 

While the LHT also serves well as a grocery getter, I am reminded every time I go into the garage that the Cannondale needs to be put back together, and it would look good with a pair of low riders, a basket, and a rear rack.  It has all the braze ons and I have all the parts.  I’d like to get away from the thumb shifters, and have been thinking that I could put the original downtube shifters on to try.  Finally, I need to do something about the tires because they are too tight on the 27″ rims.  That might lead to switching to a 700c setup if I can find a 126 rear…or maybe try my hand at rebuilding the wheels using the Shimano 600 hubs.  It all comes down to cost and what fits.  The only rub with all of this is that my youngest son is now 5’9″ and headed for 6’5″ or so.  The Cannondale, with it’s 25″ frame, might be better suited for him over the next few years; and he is the one who likes riding the most after me.

As for the X bike, I’ve been thinking that I’m going to shave some weight off of it and put on a pair of 28mm tires along with a nice set of entry level racing wheels that are crying out for use.  It should make a lively ride.  I still have the Alex rims with the knobbies that can be quickly swapped out if we want to do some rougher terrain riding.

So there it is.  Nothing earth shattering, just some riding, some adventure, some wrenching, and some fun.


2 responses to “2010

  1. Sounds like a good plan! In particular, I’m looking forward to seeing more photos from you.

  2. S24O is much easier than we imagine it to be. I did one last summer with #3 son with a hurricane looming. It was a hoot.

    Cape Cod S24O

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