Winter Biking

Between shoveling, naps, and a Lord of the Rings video festival at our house this weekend, I caught up on some blogs and what certain diehard bikers do when the snow starts to fly.  My hat is off to these guys (and girl) who take their commuting so seriously that they are willing to ride where most will only ski.

The most common choice seems to be picking up a pair of Nokian or Schwalbe studded tires, making sure the fender clearance is adequate, and out the door it is.  A true storm trooper will go fixed because of the alleged feedback coming from the tires/traction directly to the rider.

But then there is the Pugsley crowd.  As Jim Thill recently wrote on his Hiawatha Cycling blog, fat tire bikes are suddenly evolving from “freak bike” to adventure tourers.  His Puginstator hybrid, and the recent S24O where he basically slept out in an open field in the middle of a snow storm, is a compelling piece of kit for a compelling feat.

Add Vik and his Pugsley adventures to this formula, and it seems like the Pug has no bounds.  (What does this guy do for income, anyway?)

Ideally, I guess, the answer is to get a Pugsley with studded tires; but barring that, which should it be – studs or Pugs?


2 responses to “Winter Biking

  1. For the kind of climate we have here in the mid-Atlantic, I think studs beat Pugs.

    I don’t know of anyone making fenders that would work for those huge tires, and around here, we have a lot of sloppy half-melted days where I think you’d want fenders.

  2. You can make DIY fenders for a Pug quite easily – especially if you run front and rear racks.

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