Ride Report: 11.25.09

I was able to complete most of my pre-Thanksgiving house cleaining assignments the night before, so that left a few hours to get in a ride on Turkey Day.  Cool and overcast, but very comfortable and virtually traffic-free – certainly something to be thankful for.

Returned to manage the finishing touches before the crowds of in-law types arrived.  The smell of the upcoming feast was cause for motivation and excitement.

Red outdid herself this year.  The bar is set high, and now I shall never be content to go to one of these “family style” restaurants again and have to tolerate dry bird and anemic bread stuffing smothered in clear paste gravy.

Turkey now must be soaked in fruit and basil brine for a day, stuffed with smoked sausage and vidalia onions, and basted in a loving manner.  I won’t get into the vegetables, other than to say that brussel sprouts can rock.

I hope all had a great day, and your ride was a pleasant one.

Misc. miles: 1.6

Distance: 18.5 miles  2009: 1105.0


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