Ride Report: 11.21.09

Cool Saturday morning, no work details scheduled for the Church Youth Center, and the road beckons.  My original thought was to cruise out Lisburn Road and turn down to McCormick for about an 18 mile, fairly level jaunt.

True to form, I kept on going a little bit and went on to Messiah, to the Yellow Breeches, and relaxed with my mug of coffee.  It was such a nice time, I snapped a few pics as well.

This is my new rear wheel: Shimano XT hub 36sp laced to an Alex Adventurer rim.

‘not the best shot, but it shows the track spikes that I screwed into the Grip King pedals.  It’s a great improvement on an already good pedal.

I spent twenty minutes just relaxing on a bench, admiring the scenery…and the bike.

The trip home was laid back.  Around the 20 mile mark I could feel my legs get heavy; but I managed to make it home and spend a few hours splitting fire wood.  It feels so good to be out on the road again!

Distance: 23.4 miles  2009: 1044.6


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