Ride Report: 11.16.09

Since the basic premise of this blog is about riding bicycles, I figured it might be useful if I actually tried doing that again.  Last night I took a short fitness ride after dark.  Heck Hill Road, across Quaker to School House, over to the Observatory, in to Lewisberry via Silver Lake.

I didn’t notice anything different with the new rear wheel, which I suppose is a good thing.  I’m still getting used to the new gearing, however.  With the lower big ring, I’m now using the small gears on the cassette much more than I used to, so having the bar end down as far as it is now is a bit unsettling.  Plus, it seems the shifting is spaced closer together as you get up on the cassette.  Getting used to that, along with the changes to shifting up front, will just take some miles.

The Grip Kings are also now sporting some cleats.  Rivendell has a short blurb on drilling out the pedals and installing their threaded inserts, which they sell for around $15.  I took a good look at the pictures and realized that the pieces they were inserting were spikes for distance running shoes, and the rounded off ones were for rubberized tracks.

Well, before I biked and before I rowed; I ran track in high school.  I was a respectable distance runner with the 1/2 mile and mile being my specialties.  And because I ran as much as I did, I had several pairs of running shoes with a full assortment of spikes for different surfaces.  That got me to thinking, and then rummaging through my rowing gear.  For whatever reason, I had a brand new pair of Reebok shoes tucked away downstairs with a vial full of distance spikes and a spike wrench.  I think the Reeboks were given to me to try, but back then I preferred Pumas, which I think are long out of business.

So using a drill and the spike wrench, I installed two spikes per pedal side and then filed off the sharp tips.  They are an improvement.  I think having a tap and die set to insert the spikes would have made it easier, but it was nothing a little machine oil and elbow grease couldn’t take care of.  It’s the attention to detail that makes the difference.

This morning my knees were sore, but I’ll credit that to just being out of shape.  Hopefully, I can sort through all of the wool I purchased last winter and get back into the habit of some night rides a few times a week.

Misc. Miles: 11.3

Distance: 10  2009: 1013.7


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