Small World

Last night I went to a viewing.  I didn’t know the deceased, but we are friends with his daughter and son-in-law.  Since they were the only people we knew there, we kinda went right to them, expressed our condolences, and had a conversation about her father.  They all were taking it quite well – among Christians a funeral is actually a celebration of the deceased going to heaven.

Anyway, as we were excusing ourselves to leave, the daughter mentioned something about her brother the photographer, who was next in the receiving line.  It suddenly clicked that he was “the” Blair Seitz of numerous photo books fame, and that I had not only met him before, but he had photographed me some twenty years ago.

This was back when I was competing regularly and probably at the top of my game.  He wanted to produce stock photos of rowing and a friend of a friend called me and arranged a meeting.  I ended up signing a modelling release and getting a check for an afternoon of rowing back and forth on a small patch of Pinchot Lake.  It was a beautiful fall day.

When I mentioned this to Blair last night, he remembered it straight away, and said that one of his favorite pictures was still up on his web site.  He described it and told me how to find it.  Among close to 5000 pictures, this 20 year old shot of me is still there:

credit to

I was so excited about all of this that I forgot to say I was sorry about his dad.  Oh well, I think he understood.


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