Dahon Reecharge

Since posting about the Busch and Muller Ewerk, I’ve been getting a fair amount of hits specifically for information on that unit; or just dynamo chargers in general.  Another unit that was just rolled out last month has come to my attention, and quite frankly, this one looks like the best option thus far.

Dahon, one of the more established companies producing folders, is offering the Reecharge.  Using a battery to regulate voltage and prevent damage to electronic devices, the unit can charge off the dynamo or a wall plug, and in turn, power GPS and phones via a retractable USB cable.  As with the other units, the battery also allows you to recharge your devices after your day of riding.  It comes with multiple tips to accomodate the differences in current non-standard plugs.


Dahon is offering it as standard on two of their bikes, as well as just the unit for $99.  That should make it very appealing.  So that still leaves me with a few questions: 

  1. How do these units interface with the existing lighting system of the bikes?
  2. Are there compatible devices for charging Nimh batteries while riding that could then be used for other things?
  3. Is it possible to charge a netbook sized PC via a mini-USB port?

Charging the netbook might be asking a bit much, but I could see it being a real selling point, especially if you can run a wire to a pannier.  Before you know it, the selling factor for dynohubs isn’t necessarily going to be low drag; but rather, amperage efficiency.


2 responses to “Dahon Reecharge

  1. There’s been a lot of talk the last couple years on the various bike touring lists and forums about traveling with netbooks and web enabled phones, like the G1, Blackberry and there’s another one I can’t remember right now. These dynamo powered charging devices are going to make these little computers even more usable, and IMHO this is a good thing. But I’m also curious about wiring a light. I’d want a 3-way (off-light-charge) switch.

  2. Not only touring cyclists would benefit, but I also think commuters already using dynamos would be inclined to want a charging system. Even if you don’t charge off of the bike that much, having the battery source available if your Iphone craps out in the middle of the afternoon would be a big help. I see that Iphone has some decent GPS apps as well, so you could be down to an Iphone, a netbook, and a light for all your touring needs.

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