Ride Report: 09.22.09

Last night I rode out for two softball games.  I ended up playing in the outfield and did a fair amount of running.  With darkness coming on sooner, everyone runs between innings to keep things moving.  All of that, coupled with my overall inactivity on the exercise front, has me feeling it this morning.

But the verdict is that it was completely worth every second.  It felt wonderful to be on the bike again with my glove inside the Pendel and my cleats strapped to the rack.  The air was cooler, and at the time, the hills didn’t seem that steep.  The games were a blast.  What we lack in quality we make up for in camraderie and humor.  We usually manage to get the other teams in on the act, and they love coming to play with us.  I managed to catch all the fly balls hit to me and feel much more comfortble judging where they are headed.  I also was much better at fielding grounders that broke through the infield.  Batting, however, remains a mystery that I will need to work on. 

I think I need to say at this point that I never played baseball when I was a kid, and everything I know about it I learned from my son.  That’s why I’m the only one wearing soccer cleats for softball games, but since I’m also the oldest one there, I can get away with it.

Roy, our ace shortstop, took great exception to the idea of me riding home after dark.  I had to explain that the lights on the trucker are very bright, and that I ride after dark all the time.  He still walked away shaking his head, and I now have a standing offer to put my bike in his truck if I ever need to.  We have a game tonight, but I’ll most likely need to drive for time’s sake.

In other news, we are poor.  Between college bills and buying braces for the Veloterrorist, our savings account has decreased dramatically and I”m looking at the best way to see us through this.  No matter how well you save and invest, and how well your kid does with getting scholarships, when those tuition bills show up, it’s a real eye opener.  The bottom line is that we just have to change the way we do a lot of things, which I believe will be for the best.

We spent some time on campus last Saturday and I’m just really impressed with not only the campus, but also the programs.  In the end, I think my daughter will really find herself and benefit greatly.  I keep telling myself that it is worth it, and I am seeing little things in her and our conversations that indicate she is maturing quickly.  I forget who said the quote, ” Just when they start to get interesting, kids move away.”  So true.

Misc. Miles: 2

Distance: 18 miles  2009: 951.7


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