Ride Report: 09.02.09

My daughter ordered some used text books via Amazon that arrived yesterday, so I took the opportunity to stuff them in the Pendle and ride out to Messiah last night.  She is slowly adjusting to college life, but not without some home-sickness.  There have been the typical business/scheduling start-of-the-semester issues, which we are making her take care of.  She has always been a little shy in that area, so seeing her step up and get things straightened out is a good thing.

Yesterday she also started having computer issues with the new laptop we bought her.  It wasn’t opening attachments and then the browser wasn’t opening up.  I probably could have gone out and solved the issues pretty quick, but we made her take it to the campus IT office where it now sits in a queue for them to get to.  In the meantime, she tracked down a small computer lab near her dorm and was able to get all of her work done.  I’m guessing she got caught up on her Facebook time as well, because she was in much better spirits when I met with her.

She was “complaining” about an Intro to Communications course she has and how it doesn’t seem very relevant.  I had fun explaining to her that everyone has to take it in college and gave her one of my famous “5 minute syllabie” so she now knows more than the professor.  (I once had aspirations of being a college professor, but in hindsight I think I probably would have gotten into a bit of trouble.)  Anyway…we had a nice, albeit short, visit.  I turned on my lights and returned home.

I’ve noticed my riding style has changed lately, mainly due to my fitness going up slightly.  There are points where I intentionally downshift in order to spin a bit more and hold down my speed.  My thoughts are that I want to get into “cruising” mode rather than push it.  But it seems the result is that my average speed has gone up, at least on these 20-25 mile rides.  I usually pace around 12mph; I’m lately around 13, whether flats or hills.  Additionally, my recovery seems a bit faster.  That’s telling me that I can probably go out further, provided I hold down the pace for real.

We’re taking our annual camping trip this weekend, so little if any riding.  We’ll be taking the X bike, so there is a possibility of doing some trail riding… we’ll see.

Distance: 22.3 miles  2009: 915.1


2 responses to “Ride Report: 09.02.09

  1. Hey, my sister graduated from Messiah with her bachelors years ago…

    The training video I saw 100’s of times over the last 2 years said “keeping your cadence up reduces the watts per pedal stroke, and helps you recover quicker” I like riding that way as it also cuts down on the amount of times I have to shift because I can just vary my cadence up and down to deal with minor changes in elevation better than if I was in the largest gear I could cope with to start.

  2. My wife and her siblings all graduated from Messiah; and since we live so close all of our kids are being brainw..err..encouraged to go there as well. Never mind the fact that good ol’ dad went to Penn State (twice).
    Truth is that it is a beautiful school with great academics. I’ve hired a few grads and they always seem to work out well.
    I know what you’re saying about spinning. It certainly keeps the momentum going into a hill. What’s strange though is that I’m also trying intentionally to keep my pace down, but I’m obviously riding faster. It’s not that I’m worried about it, but I just find it ironic.

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