Sucks to be Me (not really)

It’s a tough week.  I’m an Hr Director for the state, and if you read any headlines, you can guess what I’ve been doing the last couple of days.  You have to put on the game face and get it done.  I’ve never been an emotional person per se; but when I lose it it’s usually because I’m with someone else who is losing it and their pain somehow transfers to me.  I feel for them… I can’t pretend to relate because I’m not in their shoes, but I hope everyone pulls through.

After my ride the other night I was sitting around and noticed that I had something under my contact lens.  Rather than taking care of it right away I let it go until bedtime.  Bad move, because I must have scratched my eye.  I’ve been wearing my glasses and squinting for the last two days, and trying hard to avoid bright sunlight.  I’m hoping to be back on track for a ride tonight.

Speaking of tonight, Fall baseball starts.  A good friend will be the coach, and the roster looks like a strong team.  Ave feels pretty confident that he’ll get first base.  He needs to focus on his hitting this time around and he’ll be one impressive ball player.

Ave went over to church last night on the X bike.  I was there later and noticed he was still there after dark talking to a friend.  I offered to load the bike in the van, but he wanted to ride.  Since I picked up a Superflash from PP, I decided to let him go; but when he got home he commented “I didn’t realize how dark it would be.”  Maybe I’ll find a cheap battery LED for him, but nothing extravagant unless he really catches the riding bug. 

Red was commenting earlier how the bike has given him a sense of independence, because now he won’t hesitate to take off somewhere if he needs to, rather than sit around waiting for us to drive him.  That’s a good thing.

Ian is my next concern because he has clearly outgrown the Huffy.  I had him on the Pacific the other night, which fits, but my gosh that thing is a tank.  It must weigh close to 35 pounds!

In other bike news, I ordered two sets of Kool Stops from PP and they should arrive Friday.  I won’t have time to install them before we leave on a week’s vacation, but I’ve heard great things about their stopping power and how they modulate.  BTW, we’re headed to Myrtle Beach and the last time, I couldn’t find any decent riding roads, so no time on the bike for me.



4 responses to “Sucks to be Me (not really)

  1. My sister in law is an attorney with the PA Dept of Education….she’s been there for at least 20 years-she should be safe:-)

  2. As an attorney, she should be fine; but PDE is getting hit hard. With them cutting entire programs, even the 20 year’rs are at risk – especially management.

  3. I can’t really say here what position she has…but there ain’t much of a chance of her getting laid off……

  4. Almost all attorneys are attached to the Office of General Counsel, even if they work in an agency. I don’t believe OGC is taking any hits. I suspect you’re right.

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