Ride Report: 08.09.09

Southbound.  Other than my ride on the PA side of the HRT earlier this summer, I really haven’t gone south for any particular distance.  Most all of the rides have either been local or headed northwest on flatter terrain. 

That changed Saturday morning with a ride out to York Haven and then down to Emigsville.  There are a few steady hills on the way down to the river, but the big hills don’t come up until the ride home.  It’s really an exercise in restraint and learning not to blow up whilst grinding up those long slopes.

Some observations on what was basically a perfect morning:  This side of York Haven I passed a gas station with four old guys sitting on a bench out front.  It was a classic picture, for which I did not have a camera.  I can only imagine that it is an almost daily ritual where the same stories are retold again and again.

While on a level stretch, I stopped and acquired a near new bungee cord lying on the berm.  Bungees are a pretty common site, and I only stop for the best, and if the situation allows it.  For instance, I did not stop for the rubber strap that I passed while grinding up the Susquehanna Trail: the rubber ones aren’t that great and I would have lost the little bit of momentum I had.

Speaking of collecting, if I had a penchant for unmatched work gloves, I’d need a storage barn.  I figure it’s guys who leave them on their trucks as they are packing up, then pull out forgetting where they are.  Next to flat possums, I think work gloves are the most common roadside attraction.

Saturday was a mowing day, and most everyone was out before the heat came up.  This is an unusual year with the amount of rain we have had.  Usually most lawns are brown and crunchy by now.

I rode down to Emigsville and then came back up via Manchester to Strinestown.  There is a lot of construction going on, which I can only assume are stimulus dollars.  The biggest project is replacing the bridge over the Conewago on the Susquehanna Trail.  From the looks of the supports, it appears that they are going to haul away half the mountain to straighten out the road; unless they put a sharp turn on the one end.  It’s a lot of money for a road that doesn’t see that much traffic.

When I got home around 11:00, I could see that Red had taken the Pig and picked up a full bed of mulch.  I was hot and tired, and was not looking forward to this.  I kicked myself for not hiding the truck keys, and made it clear that I wanted to sit around in my underwear and drink beer all afternoon like normal guys, but that didn’t hold water.  Sunday was ibuprofen assisted, but at least the yard looks nice.

Distance: 31.5 miles  2009: 811.9


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  1. Don’t forget to cancel everything this Wednesday. 4PM EST US/Mexico at Azteca.

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