This is a big year for my daughter.  She graduated high school and is getting ready for college in a few weeks.  Her summer has been jamb-packed with activities, work, and trips; including a beach trip this week with her best friend and family.

Yesterday she celebrated her 18th birthday by going para-sailing.  She knew it was going to be a good day when she realized that she didn’t need anyone to sign the parental consent form.

She took loads of pictures, but all I have today is one of her after a soccer match last year.  (Can you figure out who won from the look on her face?)

I can only hope all of her life is filled with such excitement.  Happy Birthday, Squirt!

TSE 045

2 responses to “Yahoo!

  1. George McNally

    Gosh….she is looking a little ticked off.

    Our daughter is on year 5 of a 6 year degree…..all I can say is college is expen$ive.

  2. yup. That shot is actually cropped from a larger one that shows three girls standing around looking like you just don’t want to mess with them. I captioned it “Thinking Dangerous Thoughts.” It had been a really rough match against a very physical team, and the chief referees was a younger guy. Whenever that happens, they have a tendency to look the other way with fouls because they are used to what guys get away with. The first goal was a shot that bounced off of the upright but never crossed the line into the net. Since I was the trainer, I could roam around and was standing even with the goal and saw everything. I went ballistic and almost got ejected. After that, the girls were pretty demoralized and couldn’t shake it.
    As for college, squirt managed to earn 15 credits with AP courses, which is a full semester. So now she is talking about taking summer courses and something called J term, which might allow her to finish in three years. Given how much all of this is costing, if she can pull that off, it will save me a ton of cash.

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