I would not be described as a humble person by most, but if you peruse this blog, you’re not going to find many pictures of me.  Part of it is that I’m usually alone and I don’t have anyone taking pictures of me; and the other is that I am uncomfortable posing for pictures.  I think candid shots are much better at capturing the essence of the moment and who a person is than the ones where all action stops and the participants are arranged, hair combed, ties straightened, and smiles correctly applied.  One season when I was the trainer on a soccer team, I took a lot of pictures and created a team blog.  My favorite shots were the ones I quietly took while the team was getting ready for the “official” after match shot.  They show the girls in their natural state – goofing around, some laughing, some being miserable, some picking their noses; but all being who they are.

There are a couple bike blogs where the writers mugs are prominent in both the skin and the content.  I don’t really get the point since I read their work to find out what they are up to; not what they look like.  Now it may come in handy if I should be planning to meet up with someone for a ride, but part of the fun is matching the person to the words, and thinking, “wow, you don’t look anything like I pictured you.”  That’s just one of the surprises of life and says more about our own perceptions than it does about the other person.

So what brought me to all of this was passing a church where, quite commonly, the senior pastor’s name was displayed prominently on a sign outside.  What’s the deal?  A church is so much more than one person, and if the approach is that letting the world know that this is where so and so preaches, then I’m not sure I’d want to be a part of that.  I know people who have followed a pastor from one church to another, and my thoughts are that they are doing a disservice to the rest of “the church family.”  After all, going to church is about relationships: with The Big Guy and with each other.  If you leave to follow the pastor, then maybe he wasn’t so good about fostering those relationships….

Another thing I’ll quickly rant about are the “Clergy” bumper stickers.  Are they supposed to buy you a free pass for parking spaces?  It seems that in the city, every third car is owned by clergy, but I don’t notice the atmosphere being any more holy than where I live in East Podunk.

So give it a rest, guys and gals.  We are all witnesses.


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