Ride Report: 08.02.09

Saturday morning I was pressed into service as an outfielder for a softball tournament.  For the oldest guy there it sure seemed like I was the one doing the most running.  I have to admit that my body is not used to sprinting, much less running.  Sunday was pretty rough, and today is not much better.  Still, I had a free hour and some decent weather, so I got in a short ride.

I ended up doing the Quaker Road Loop.  Usually I add a few miles to that, but last night I thought that I need to start doing some more frequent short rides to get my fitness back up.  A longer ride would just mean needing to take time off to recover.  That would not be a smart move, given the end of softball season and what looks like a decent couple of days forecast.  Other than that, it was a pretty non-descript ride around the township.

In other news, I wonder if I can convince the Obama administration to let me trade in my son’s Huffy MTB on a new Homer Hilson and get a $4500 credit?  I know that our Civic wouldn’t qualify as a clunker because it gets too good of mileage.  The Pig is probably too old and it wouldn’t make sense to buy a new truck even with the $4500.  The Saturn might qualify, but its too nice a car to get rid of.

Where are people getting this money from to buy new cars, and why are my tax dollars helping them to reduce their carbon footprints?  I’d be perfectly willing to sell the Huffy to the government for far less than $4500.  Then they could employ someone to fix it up and donate it in exchange for a clunker.  Makes sense to me.

Misc. Miles: 1.5

Distance: 10 miles  2009: 764.4


One response to “Ride Report: 08.02.09

  1. So the options are keep the Huffy, or a new car and a $300-500 a month payment for the next 5 years even with the ‘stimulus’ money? Thanks I’ll keep the Huffy. Anyone who really wants to reduce their footprint should just leave what they have in the garage a little more often. Car factories use energy too…

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