Ride Report: 07.27.09

Shame on me for bragging about not flatting out for 3300 miles.  Last night, within 3 miles of the house, I picked up a thorn that brought me to an unscheduled stop along the side of the highway.  I was fortunate in that I found the thorn/hole right away; and with the Pasela/Alex combination I can pull the tire without any tools. 

I put the patch on, re-assembled and used my snake-tickler pump, but somehow I still had a leak.  Rather than screw around with the patch, I opted to just pull out the spare/patched 3300 miler, which held air just fine.  Had the first patch held, I would have been back on the road in 15 minutes.  Instead, I’m guessing just under 30.  I’ll take a look at the first tube tonight and see what’s up – I figure the patch just needed to seat itself on the inflated tube better.

The ride took me out to Grantham and then returning on some back roads around Moores Mountain to an area called Pinetown.  I think I would have kept on going, but it was getting dark and starting to rain.  Given the heat, the rain felt great, but I didn’t like the idea of being on freshly wet roads with all the traffic at dusk.  As I was pulling into the neighborhood, I was met by the Veloterrorist.  Red had thrown him out of the house and ordered him to take three laps around the block before returning (he was on the computer all night).  Since the rain was picking up, I gave him a reprieve to just one lap, which we took together.

In other news, my daughter is mentally getting ready for the transition to college.  The other night she was looking over a list of things some store recommends for every college kid, and she asked me if she should take her bike.  I told her to wait a few weeks to see if it made sense.  The campus is pretty hilly, and having a bike might be more trouble than it’s worth.

I’ve had a pretty good attitude about the fact that I’m not getting the miles in this year that I typically would, but I’ve noticed it’s starting to get to me lately.  ‘bad case of wonderlust where I find myself planning out epic rides or touring here and there.  The other day I mapped out a ride to Annapolis because some friends are travelling their in September.  I find myself reading up on camping gear, of which I own very little and have even less knowledge of how to effectively bike camp; and I am mentally picturing the Trucker with some stronger racks, some Ortlieb panniers, some lower gearing, and a stronger rear wheel.  All things that I don’t really need just yet and can’t afford.  Still, it’s a distraction.

I’m picturing an early retirement where my life would consist of touring May through October and being a substitute teacher during the winter.  Ahh; I guy can dream, right?

Misc. Miles: 7.7

Distance: 23.5 miles  2009: 752.9


4 responses to “Ride Report: 07.27.09

  1. You could probably do some bike camping trips with whatever you have. I just have a cheap Axiom rack and the stock LHT Complete wheels and while I haven’t done anything too heavy duty, it all seems to work fine. Not sure what your LHT build is like though so it’s hard to say, but my point is, you shouldn’t need to spend a lot on bike upgrades. You WILL need camping gear, though …

    By the way, where did you get your 37C Paselas with TG? I’ve done some looking around and have not seen them anywhere online.

  2. I agree with Apertome I brought a bunch of redundant equipment before I found exactly what I needed, but aside from the camping gear you probably have 90% of what you need already. If I lived as close to Gifford Pinchot as you I’d try to escape up there at least once a month. Camping within riding distance of Baltimore is pretty abysmal. I harbor similar fantasies of touring for several months…

  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate your insight. The Pasela TGs came from Pedal Pushers in Colonial Park, PA. I assume they just ordered them from QBP.

  4. Bike touring is easy. I do a week of it every year, usually in July.

    In other news. What a summer for footie. Milan, Chelsea, Inter. The exception is that 5-0 drubbing at the hands of Mexico. It was out scrubs but hey, Mexico. Like hitting your elbow. Ouch.

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