Ride Report: 07.16.09

I did my “Extended Pinchot Loop” last night.  Started out at 91F and was down to a comfortable 79F by the time I finished.  The ride included a couple of stops: one by the rowing club to scope out the activity; one to take this picture of a carving:

07.17.09 003

This indian is just along Moores Mountain Road.  It appears to be by the same artist who did the patriot, which is not far from this.  I’m guessing this guy is about 10 feet tall.

More snakes:  While cresting Siddonsburg Road on Moores Mountain, I came across another black snake lying along the berm.  Since his head was in the weeds, I decided it was best to use my frame pump to see if he was just being a slow poke, or if he had suffered the same fate as the others I had seen lately.  Good move, because he was not happy about having his tail tickled.  He took off in the weeds with all deliberate speed.  Then, I swear, if he had had rattles, I think he would have been shaking them at me.  He seemed to be shaking his tail against the weeds!

07.17.09 004

With that little bit of adrenaline rush, I decided to go for the max by blasting down the mountain on Siddonsburg.  The ‘puter registered  a brisk 45.8 mph.  The hill is only about 1/2 a mile, but what an awesome sensation.  The Trucker tracks like it is on rails at that speed.

I finished the ride with a stop at Reesers for a guilt free chocolate malt.  My daughter’s boyfriend’s parents were there also, so we talked for a little bit before I made the last leg home.

Distance: 21.8 miles  2009: 721.7

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