Ride Report: 07.14.09

All roads lead to Dillsburg…

Yesterday I was thinking about a new route in which I’d go out to Bowmansdale and find a road that would take me over to Dillsburg.  As the day wore on, things got busy and I didn’t have a chance to look up any maps.  Then when I got home, I was in a rush to hit the road and forgot about my earlier idea.  So the ride ended up being a repeat of my Wellsville to Dillsburg loop, only this time…pictures!

This is a large Friends Meeting House that dates back to the mid-1700’s located on Rt 177 just outside of Wellsville.  This red sandstone is common to the region, and quite a few older structures are built of it.  There is an adjoining cemetary that is well maintained, but I figure it doesn’t qualify as a “Field of Stone” because of its size and condition.  Here is the obligatory bike shot:

07.14.09 002

I think this little town could probably get a sort of bed and breakfast thing going for tourists given its quaintness and the construction of several local properties.  It’s obvious that there is some money in the community and they aren’t tripping over each other to attract manufacturing.  Here’s one of the larger homes:

07.14.09 003

and the old bank that’s been turned into the Borough Hall:  check out the clock…

07.14.09 004

Uh oh… I forgot my permit.  Route 74 to Dillsburg; while I was stopped to take this snap, a curious guy came out of his house to check me out.  He got the joke and chuckled, but was probably happy when I continued on my way.

07.14.09 005

I thought about stopping in Dillsburg to rest my legs, but I could see that it was getting dark and I had some miles ahead.  On the way out of town, I did have to stop and take this picture.  For whatever reason, I never went to kindergarten.  Instead, when I went into first grade, it was in this old school, in an overflow class that was housed on the auditorium stage.  We moved out of the area that summer.  The building now appears to be apartments.

07.14.09 006

I stopped in Rossville and had an overpriced snack of Nutter Butters and a quart of chocolate milk ala the Kent Peterson training method.  A quart was way too much for one sitting and my digestive tract paid for it later.  As the sun went down the temperature dropped quickly to the mid-60s.  Overall a great ride, but probably still a bit much until I get my fitness level up to where it needs to be.

I stopped a number of times and fiddled around with my saddle since I tied it off, and managed to get it dialed in pretty good.  Still, there are times when I feel the set-back could be more, but the short rails of the Brooks just don’t allow it.  I’m going to keep it where it is, and maybe consider a deeper post if I need it.  I also had to cobble together a fix for my mirror.  I like the Blackburn lever mounts, but I keep breaking them.  The latest one I bought used has a flimsy mount that doesn’t line up right to give a good view, but I was able to jamb a stick between it and the hood, and viola’.  I’ll somehow tape the stick in and reinforce the whole thing later.

Misc. Miles: 11.1

Distance: 33.6 miles  2009: 692


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