I have a friend from church, Phil.  Phil is 67 or so, had a hip replacement, and lost about 40 pounds a few years back which he works hard to keep off.  I’ve caught him on occasion checking out the Trucker when I’ve ridden it to church.  I knew that he and his wife had bicycles, but never really pursued a conversation because I didn’t want to come off as bragging about my exploits, figuring that they had a pair of cross/recreational bikes and were the stereotypical older couple that enjoy a few miles out on the bike path now and then.

Last weekend several of us got together and I noticed that he and his wife had matching scrapes on their forearms.  It turns out that they had been on the HRT last Saturday afternoon, on their tandem, and had a small mishap in the tunnel when a bike stopped suddenly right in front on them.  Phil had to “ditch” against the block wall.  I relayed that I had been on the HRT in the morning, and that I too, had come close to a mishap with another rider in the tunnel.

That led to Phil asking me further about the HRT and where it ended; and some biking in general.  Later that night I e-mailed him a link to a map of the complete trail.

I saw him last night….  He thanked me for the link, and told me that he got up the next morning and rode the whole thing – York to Ashland and back, 84 miles.  Then he told me that the next day he ordered a road bike – a Cannondale.

Well done, Phil.  We’ll have to manage a few rides together…if you don’t mind holding back a bit!


One response to “Outdone

  1. George McNally

    That is *outstanding*

    Phil is a rock star in my book 🙂

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