There are changes afoot.  The X bike is getting a new look, and the Cannondale is back in the shed until I figure out what to do with it (again).

I had not been riding the X bike as much as I would have liked.  In the end, I think it was the thumb shifters that I just could not get used to; so it was easier to just hop on the Trucker and go do whatever I needed to do.  Additionally, Son#1 commented that he likes the looks of the X bike frame better than the C-dale.

So you guessed it… I’m switching the X bike over to drop bars, pulled off the racks, and moved the saddles around.  To run drop bars, I have to switch the brakes around, and I decided the easiest and cheapest route was to swap out the V-brakes for cantis.  Ted at Pedal Pushers let me root through their take-off box and I found two sets of Coda brand that fit the bill, along with all the hardware.  Last night was assembly night, and I managed to get the bars, the brakes, the cables and the saddle all mounted up; with fine tuning the shifting set for later in the week.

But here’s the rub:  around 10pm I took the bike for a quick spin up the street…and it felt incredible.  I have the bars level with the saddle, but I moved the brake levers up a bit, which creates a nice, balanced feel.  But the real epiphany came with mounting the Selle Titanico on a suspension post.  The Selle has longer rails, so it sits over the rear tire more (probably a little too far), and I had tied it off a few months back, but had not really ridden on it much since it was on the son’s C-dale.  If butts could smile, mine had a wide grin.  It just felt really, really comfortable.

So I’m going to try a few things to see if I can’t replicate this with the Trucker:  tie off the Brooks Flyer to pull in the “flaps” and look into a VO seat post with major set-back.  If that doesn’t work, and the Titanico still feels as good as it did last night, then I’m going to switch back; which just boggles the mind.  I can’t believe that the feel of those two saddles has is completely opposite of what they were from last year.

Other than that, the X bike is looking like a rough and ready dirt bomber with nasty 29er tires, no fenders, Carradice Barley, and the 44cm drop bars.  Depending on finances, I might try to find a rear wheel to match the spare I have and mount a pair of 32mm tires that will allow switching out from a dirt bomber to a street machine.  Son#1 and I will end up flipping coins to ride it.

As for the Cannondale; I’m thinking returning it to the grocery bike configuration that it was last year, but I’m not in a hurry.

Pics and updates to come.


2 responses to “Confused

  1. You still have the grip kings on the trucker? One other thing to consider is if your feet are farther forward on the pedal than they were before (I know mine slide forward a little naturally with platforms), that will change your saddle height ever so slightly. I noticed a change in the saddle feel just a little when I changed pedals the last time…

  2. I do have the Grip Kings, which I love, btw. I’m taking all kinds of measurements to see what differences there might be, and I tied the Brooks similar to the Selle. That brought up the top of the saddle ever so slightly, and eliminated some thigh chafing. So far on some short trips it feels good, but I’m hoping to put some miles on it this weekend to see if it makes a significant difference. The Brooks is due for a Proofhide treatment, too.

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