Ride Report: 06.28.09

‘short ride around town combined with a milk run. 

The other night our neighborhood suffered a microburst that cut a path down through a row of a dozen or so houses.  Even though it took out close to 30 trees, some of them quite large, it did very little damage to the homes.  Both houses on either side of us had damage, but it didn’t so much as blow over our trash cans.

Son #1 is riding the Cannondale more and more for transportation.  He is picking up odd jobs around the community.  This morning he rode over to a farm and was loading hay in a barn.  I might end up putting a triple crank on that bike sooner than I thought, especially if I decide to get some lower gearing on the Trucker.

As for the Trucker, I’m still having issues with ghost shifting.  I played around a little with the derailleur hanger, thinking it might be bent…that seemed to improve, but not solve the problem.  So from looking at higher end touring bikes with similar gear ranges, I’m back to thinking that going down to an 8 or even 7 speed cassette might be the solution.  The Cannondale has a 7, and it never ghosts on me.  The spacing is not as tight and there is more room for the chain to settle on the gears rather than ride on top of them.

Misc. mile: 10.7

Distance: 8.6 miles  2009: 589.9


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