Ride Report: 06.18.09

Went for a ride at dusk to enjoy a beautiful sunset after spending the evening powerwashing our patio.  It was a bit breezy with a front moving through, but taking it easy and enjoying the ride, rather than pushing it, made for a pleasant cruise.

Two observations: first is that while I’m still seeing deer, they are not in groups, but rather seem to be on their own.   Second, the fireflies are out.  Very cool scene turning the corner on an old farm lane and seeing a meadow lit up.

It probably is a bad strategy to tout the quality of my new Cyo light when I’m trying to sell the IQ Fly, but last night was the first I had used it on a truly dark night.  I think that overall the wash of the light is about the same intensity of the Fly, but then it shoots further and has a slightly wider beam.   With both lights, I focus the main wash of light about 15-20 feet in front of me.  They both do a great job at lighting up the pavement and distinguishing any irregularities like cracks and potholes.  The Cyo, though, shoots a fair amount of light beyond that; enough that I feel fairly comfortable pushing it down hills.  It also shoots just a bit more light off to the sides, enough so that a two lane country road is pretty well lit up.  I’d say with the Fly I’m confident going 15-20 mph on a dark night as long as I’m not looking for road signs.  With the Cyo, that speed goes up to 20-25 mph, and there is enough spill light to catch reflective signs well before I am on top of them.  So far I haven’t been flashed by any cars for blinding them.

This is a “regular” Cyo, as opposed to the Cyo R.  That model replaces the “long throw” beam by focusing more spill light directly in front of the bike.  Apparently one of the complaints of the Fly was that there is a dark area up to 6 feet in front of the bike, so that you can’t see the pavement as well.  I didn’t find that to be the case, and I’m focused on the road further out anyway.  I’m thinking that part of this might be unintended reflections I’m getting off of my chromed front fender stays, or maybe the whole “R” thing is a marketing ploy.  Either way, both the Fly and the Cyo provide plenty of near field light.

Some minor issues:  One thing that I don’t like about the Cyo compared to the Fly is the integrated wiring for a tail light.  The Fly has connectors for the tail light wires to plug into, and are very discreet.  The Cyo has a 6 inch wire hanging out the bottom that I have wrapped around and taped to the mount – not very clean looking, and for now I’m very happy with the Superflash for a rear light.

Another thing is that the mount for the Fly allows you to easily vary the angle of the beam with a simple click.  Once you set the Cyo, that’s where it stays.  There were a couple times where moving along on a back road, I would quickly reach down and click the Fly up a notch – basically a high beam.  This isn’t as critical with the Cyo, but a nice feature nonetheless.

Distance: 11.2 miles  2009: 531.1


3 responses to “Ride Report: 06.18.09

  1. I’ll be riding Pine Creek and Pine Valley next month. You have room in your yard for us to camp? There are only 250 of us. 8>)

    All seriousness aside. I’m doing that ride with the Rails to Trails conservancy group

  2. We’re a bit far south for that one, although I think having 250 campers in the back for a night would give the neighbors a taste of their own medicine. Somehow the thought of that many on a 4 day tour is a bit daunting, but I’m sure the views will be tremendous. After reading Apertome’s posts, I’m all in a lather for some touring/camping.

  3. Group tours are not my favorite. But #3 son is unable to ride this summer and we had planned on DC to Pittsburg. His injury squashed that and I decided to try this one.

    I am having doubts about such a large group also. But being only four days, I’ll give it a shot.

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