Ride Report: 06.14.09

It took me while to figure out where I wanted to go.  I’ve been thinking about an attack on the Heritage Trail, I’ve wanted to get out to Boiling Springs again; but I also had been thinking about going over to Wellsville since I’ve never ridden there and otherwise have no need that takes me over that way.  So Wellsville it was.

As I was riding past the Warrington Township Park near Pinchot, not five miles into the ride, I heard a loud “ping” but didn’t make the connection.  I thought it was just a stone shooting out from under the tire that might have glanced off of the bike somewhere.  It wasn’t until another 10 miles that I was blasting down a hill that I noticed that something just didn’t feel quite right.  Looking down, I could see that my rear wheel had gone out of true, and it suddenly hit me: broken spoke.

I stopped and found the culprit, and probably over reacted.  I was within three miles of Dillsburg, and my original plan was to take Rt. 74 into Dillsburg and return on Old York Road – total trip around 35 miles.  Instead, I started looking for a shortcut that would take me directly over to Old York.  I turned onto Mount Zion Road – major error on my part.

I broke my rule about riding on any road with “Mount” or “View” or “Hill” in it, and paid the price.  While the vista were impressive, there were parts of this road that go straight up.  Then, not knowing if my out of true wheel was going to hold together, I rode the brakes on the downhills.

In the end, it really wasn’t that bad, and having read plenty of touring blogs where guys continued on with broken spokes, I probably should have kept with the original plan.  Still, my rear wheel is only a 28 spoke, which has always had me a little nervous, and its the only bike I have with a 135mm spread.  I’m going to take both the spoke and the wheel by Pedal Pushers today and see if they can fix me up.  After roughly 3500 miles on that wheel without so much as a flat, a busted spoke is really small stuff.  I want to do the install and trueing myself tonight, since every cyclist should know how.

Otherwise, Wellsville is a scenic little town with decent roads to get there.  Rt. 74 has nice berms for the most part, and it looks like both that and Old York Road have been repaved recently.  While Old York Road has very smooth wide berms, there is a lot of fast traffic.

As time and spokes permit, I’ll have to attempt this ride again.

Misc. Miles: 2.7

Distance: 25 miles  2009: 499.0


3 responses to “Ride Report: 06.14.09

  1. George McNally

    Some Sunday afternoon…..I’d love to meet up and do a ride. Since you ride past Pinchot a lot…I could meet you there are we could ride in my neck of the woods.

  2. George, when baseball season ends in a few weeks, I think it’s a real possibility. Given you rehabbing that knee, it’s probably best I come down your way and we avoid some of these hills.

  3. George McNally

    That’d be great…looking forward to it.

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