B&M IQ Fly for Sale

dscn3582There is absolutely nothing wrong with this light, and I love it, but… I got the Cyo for an early Father’s Day gift.  You can check out the beam of the IQ Fly on Peter White’s site, and I will attest that it is an accurate depiction.  It lights up a dark country road quite well, and is more than you’ll ever need in the ‘burbs.  A fork crown mount is included that will work with calipers or V-brakes, but you’ll need to improvise if you are running canti’s.  There are canti-specific mounts available from Peter.

I thought about keeping it and combining it with a Spanninga bottle generator for a low cost option for the X-bike, but I’ve decided to focus on upgrading some of the components on the Trucker as finances allow, since that bike now has some major mileage on it.

First $50 takes it, and figure another $5 if I need to mail it.  Otherwise, we can try to meet up somewhere close.

If no one is interested here, I’ll be putting it up on Ebay along with the Ride and Charge that I still have and some other parts.

When I get around to finding a camera, I’ll put up some pics of the Cyo and some other small changes I’ve made to the Trucker lately.


One response to “B&M IQ Fly for Sale

  1. Eight mile is half way to the moon for many people who don’t ride. They don’t realize how easy bike riding can be.

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