Ride Report: 06.11.09

I went out pretty hard last night in order to get in a decent ride before the storm hit.  I ended up going out Lisburn Road to McCormick, along the Yellow Breeches and back in some back roads.  It was a great ride and pushing it felt good.  I avoided the rain until the last two miles or so, and when it did start, it felt great.  I could see the clouds moving in, the breeze picked up a tad, and the temperature started to drop.  But it was still pretty muggy, so the rain was a pleasant relief.

As I was going out Lisburn I passed a car waiting at an intersection and noticed that the guy was wearing driving gloves.  This perplexed me.  Biking gloves make sense – they absorb some of the road bumps, they protect your hands if you spill – the first thing you do is put out your hands to break the fall, and they have that little terry cloth patch to wipe your snot on.  But driving gloves?  Who the heck wears driving gloves anymore?

The other facet of my ride involved looking at people’s trash.  Our 20 year old push mower crapped out and I couldn’t find the part that I needed because the old guy up the road with the dead lawn mower farm died recently.  I broke down this week and bought the cheapest push mower I could find (we only use it to trim around all the trees, flower beds and other non-essential stuff the women feel compelled to put in a perfectly fine lawn), but I would still like to have the old one up and running as a reserve.  The one I bought is branded as a Poulon, and among the chainsaw elite, owning a Poulon is like driving a Yugo.

Thus I find myself looking at the lawn mowers that people are disposing.  There was one old rotary push mower that intrigued me, but I figured it wouldn’t allow getting close enough to the edging; plus my sons would never forgive me.  Then there was an old Green Machine that someone had put out that looked initially like a good prospect, but it had the wrong engine.

So even with the lawn mower inspections, my fast ride was just that, and my legs are paying the price today.  Still, I can feel my fitness slowly climbing again despite not getting in nearly the time on the saddle that I had hoped for so far this year.

Distance: 19 miles  2009: 471.3


2 responses to “Ride Report: 06.11.09

  1. I plan to procure a push reel mower this summer, and when I do you can have my old one. It looks like crap, and it was the cheapest one they had at Home Depot about 8 years ago, but it almost always starts with one pull. Two if it’s cranky. I never expected it to last this long, but it’s showing no signs of calling it quits. I’m just tired of the noise and my yard is really small.

  2. ‘sounds like you’ve made a wise choice. Ace Hardware has them for around $80. Just tonight I passed another place where an old guy rebuilds mowers and sells them – I don’t know why I didn’t think of him, cuz he has some nice looking ones sitting out front.
    I tried hot rodding the new one tonight to get the rpm’s up, but no luck. Still, it seems to cut fine and run pretty quiet.

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