Stop That!

I’m developing a complex.  I don’t know if its the grey hair, if I’m walking slower, or if I just look like I need some pitty; but in the last couple of months I’ve earned some unexpected respect…  a number of people have taken to calling me “sir.”

At first I was amused.  It’s like when your kids finally realize you’re serious about some punishment/threat you just made, and they suddenly want to make up lost ground with “yes sir!”  But after the third or fourth time, you start to think that something is up.  I started checking to make sure I hadn’t inadvertently grabbed one of Red’s white belts in the morning.  I kept fiddling to make sure that I had not buttoned my top button and somehow put on a bolo instead of a tie.  I’ve become self conscious about my posture, making sure my back is straight.

So what’s up?  I’ve always been told that people are intimidated by me until they get to know me, but I’ve worked on that.  Tried to let my guard down more, joke around…even smile now and then.

Getting old sucks.   and stop calling me sir, or I’ll make you get off my lawn.

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