Ride Report: 06.02.09

This is actually a series of shorter rides over two days that added up.  I finally took a “longer” ride last night at dusk, if you can call 9pm dusk.  The up-side is that the air was cooler and refreshing.  I don’t really mind hot weather, especially on a bike; but a little bit of temperature drop can make a ride that much better.  The downside was that the bugs are out in force.  I ended up taking my bandana and doing the bandit on a bike look.  It worked fine once I figured out how to just have one layer covering my face so I could breathe, all was good.  I just stayed away from any convenience stores.

Maybe because I haven’t been riding that much, or maybe because it was just a nice night; it ended up being one of those rides of joy.  You just hit a flow and go with it.  No particular destination, no particular goals, other than to get in a ride.  I wish they all could be like that.

My time for the next week or so will be consumed by my daughter’s high school graduation and son#1’s baseball.  It’s going to be a busy summer, but we’ll manage.

I took two days off because of son#2’s school year finishing up early.  We managed a trip to Gettysburg on Monday and had a great time.  I can see taking a full day and doing a bike tour of the battlefield.  Other than that, I would recommend not going to the museum when there are groups of middle school kids running about.

Last night son#1’s baseball team took a pretty good thumping.  They had not played or practiced in quite a while and they were flat.  Ave had a little bit of fun:  He was up to bat near the end of the game, and their pitcher was starting to fatigue.  They weren’t warming up a closer because of their lead, and despite being tired, this kid was just a little cocky.  He was starting to throw balls, but was managing to get some consistent strikes in too.  Well Ave managed to draw three balls outside, and figured a fastball strike was coming.  Just at the last second, he calls time and steps out of the batter’s box.  While smiling at his third base coach, all he does is adjust his batting gloves.  The coach gets this big grin and the parents all crack up.  He steps back into the box, the pitcher knows that he is being messed with so he throws his fast ball right across the plate, and Ave smacks it right between the second baseman and the shortstop for a single.  Once he’s on base he usually has  a good shot at stealing, and he eventually makes it to third.  You just don’t see head games like that at this level; and it was a bit of entertaining drama in an otherwise lackluster performance by the team.  Hopefully they got a wakeup call and will do better next time.

Distance: 17.1 miles  2009: 429.9


One response to “Ride Report: 06.02.09

  1. Let’s hope the NATS wake up Saturday against Honduras too. They looked like crap vs. CR Wednesday night.

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