Too Late…

While riding home from church on Sunday, I was wearing a pair of nice khakis and rolled up the right leg to avoid the chainguard.  They must have worked down and become unfurled, because the pant leg ended up being eaten by the chainring.  Not just nibbled around the cuff like has happened to my cheap jeans or wind pants, but basically shredded halfway up the calf.  The cuff must have caught under the chain and pulled it right around, with both the large and middle chainrings acting as serrated knives.  Ah well, I needed a nice pair of khaki shorts anyway.  I guess I’ll need to invest in a cuff band pretty quick.

I’ve been doing some short rides here and there, with the biggest thing of note being that the turtles are on the move.  In one short ride I spotted two crossing the roads; one where I actually stopped and helped him along through a busy intersection.

Misc. miles: 20.1  2009: 372.3


One response to “Too Late…

  1. Save the material when you make the shorts, that’s primo ‘stealth-cuff-protector’ material!

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