Ride Report: 04.28.09

I had to do a milk run to the local manorette right after work.  My daughter lives on cereal and we all go through at least a gallon a day, so when it runs out there is some major jonesing going on.  Even though I have a “grocery bike”, I usually take the Trucker on milk runs because I can just fit a gallon jug in the Pendle.

Later I took off on a fitness ride before dark.  My legs were sore from the night before where I was running bases during my son’s baseball practice.  They do what the coach calls “situationals” where, given what runners are on base and where the ball is hit; what everyone has to do.  Later in the evening I messed up my hand pretty good when I was filing in at second base and collided with a runner.  It was swollen pretty bad and hurting yesterday, but not as bad today.

Anyway, I did a little bit of exploring around the township, enjoying the evening air and smiling at all the other people out getting some exercise.  As I was blasting down a hill on Old Quaker Road, I passed a guy who was admiring this:


I had to stop and snap a few pictures.  I don’t know if it’s just this area, but it seems that there are quite a few carvings, whether making bears from stumps or more ambitious projects.  This one is pretty cool in my book.

A few minutes later I passed the guy who had been standing there, and he asks me about my “license plate.”  I explain that it’s just a commentary on how expensive gas is for bike riding; but he then says he thought I was in some sort of competition, because I “looked like it.”  I was wearing an old rowing tank top and a pair of lycra shorts.  I had a good laugh and told him that I was just an old guy trying to look younger.

As for the shorts… This week I have done short rides with my Liquigels, this pair of lycra, and a normal pair of shorts with cotton briefs; and the normal shorts seemed the most comfortable.  It’s probably the Brooks getting broken in, but I’m going to keep playing around and see how things feel on some longer rides.  This is getting interesting.

Anyway, nice short ride before dark.

Finally, I’ve dropped Large Fella on a Bike from the blogroll.  Scott has announced that he is shutting down, and I think its time.  The main premise of his blog was his incredible weight loss journey, which has made him a bit of an internet star.  Unfortunately, that also creates certain expectations and pressures, and I think it was showing in his writing over the last six months.  Besides, he is pretty much at the end of that journey, having dropped to 170-180 pounds from originally over 500!  Maybe he’ll be back, maybe not.  He can be a great writer and story teller when he is inspired, and perhaps he’ll comp up with a new journey.  Here’s wishing him well.

Misc. Miles: 4.5

Distance: 11.4 miles  2009: 340.2


One response to “Ride Report: 04.28.09

  1. George McNally

    That carving is off the hook!

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