Ride Report: 04.26.09

Saturday managed only to afford me a short utility ride to the church and back, which is where my whole day was spent.  At 8:00 am, I drew a dance card with this lovely lady, who likes the cha-cha.  We are building a new youth center, and my contribution is pretty much physical labor.  This device is a tamper, which jumps up and down and compresses anything in its way.  Within the first hour the hands go numb, followed by general weakness in the shoulders.  The best technique is to let it do the leading, but that gets harder in softer soil, where it wants to stand in one spot and compact the soil all the way to China.




The afternoon was then spent at the Christian Battle of the Bands, hosting a mess of music and kids.  The quality of the music at this event has really improved over the years, and some of these guys are going places.  The highlight of the event for me was watching son #1 play guitar and bass with his mates.  They have room to improve, but they were the youngest entry, and most of all, they had fun.


Yes, well…on to bikes.  I got in a fitness ride on Sunday evening, venturing again out to the Yellow Breeches.  This is quickly turning into one of my favorite rides, mainly for the scenery.  When I left the house the temperature was in the mid ’80’s and a little steamy, which is weather I love.  Because of the time, I pushed it harder than I like – ideally the ride would have been longer and slower.  The only real item of note is that the bugs are out, and the thought of wearing a bandana over my face is under consideration.

The Grip Kings:  I’m going to give them an 8 out of 10.  I love how they support my feet; and this morning they don’t ache nearly as much.  I have a tendency to place the balls of my feet on the front of the pedal, and the beginning of my heel on the back.  So they are back a bit, but that seems to be the most comfortable and the most secure. 

What I don’t like about them is no surprise – the lack of anything holding my feet to the pedals.  I had one instance climbing a hill where, because of the sloppy shift, my right foot shot off the pedal.  It’s a minor complaint, and may be rectified when I switch to an 8 speed rear, but under different circumstances it could have been catastrophic.  Still, overall, a thumbs up.

Misc. Miles: 8.6

Distance: 19.2 miles  2009: 324.3


One response to “Ride Report: 04.26.09

  1. George McNally

    I remember running one of those and a jackhammer when I was a kid working construction…..not a whole lotta fun.

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