MKS Grip Kings

They arrived in the mail yesterday and I had a chance to put them on and take a short ride.  ‘not long enough to really evaluate, but at least some initial impressions.


Big, but light.  I’m not crazy about the polished finish, but that’s more an asthetic thing with this bike.  The accents are mostly black or burnished silver, so the high gleam doesn’t fit, but really…they’re only pedals.

You can see from the sneaker shot that they support most of the front of my feet, including the instep.  I think by having that arch support, it will make a difference.


It is going to take me a while to get used to not having toe clips.  The nubs on the platforms are grippy, but they work best with softer soled shoes like sneakers.  I initially mounted them right after work when I was wearing a pair of smooth leather soled loafers, and they definitely weren’t the ticket.  With the sneakers, my feet don’t move around, although I can move them if I want to.  It’s that lack of feeling secured that is a little weird.

I suspect it will just be a matter of getting used to it.  My main concern is the arch support, so that’s what I’ll be looking for when I get out on a longer ride.

Misc. Distance: 3.7 miles  2009: 296.5

3 responses to “MKS Grip Kings

  1. I fell in love with toe clips a couple years ago, but I tend to quickly develop hot spots in my right medial arch. The solution was either to remove the retention or get shoes with really stiff soles (cycling shoes). So the mountain bike has had cheapie plastic MTB pedals on it for the last year and I’m sold. The Grip Kings and Sylvan Touring pedals are on my short list for the new LHT. Thanks for the review!

  2. Definitely interesting.

    Trying to get my head around how darn big they are.

    Right now I have BMW flats on my mountian bike and the Kings dwarf them.

  3. FWIW, that’s a size 10 sneaker. The GK’s were a little over $40 off an ebay site. Shipping was less than a week.

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