Futzin About

a little bit of Pa Dutch lingo for those of you from foreign lands; like New Jersey.

Somewhere I stumbled upon a link that showed how a rider was having the same problems with the Selle Titanico that I had – big thighs chafing against a wide saddle horn.  He took the time to drill and tie his off, similar to a B17 Narrow.  Last night, I did the same.


‘not the best pics, but I think it does show how the horn is now “pulled in” and the shape is much more akin to a Brooks.

But I tried it out for a short spin around the neighborhood, and while the thigh issue is gone, it doesn’t hold a candle in comfort to the Champion Flyer.  This is surprising, because my impressions were the Titanico was pretty comfortable right out of the box.  I think what has happened is that the Flyer and my butt have achieved perfect symetry and both are now reasonably broken in.  I had been slowly noticing improvement this spring, but had not realized the extent until I was able to make this comparison.  I’m also a little curious because I think I’m a little more comfortable riding in a pair of thinly padded Nike shorts than I am with my heavily padded Liquigels.

I think some long steady riding will bring forth the truth, but for now I’m pretty happy about the whole thing.

The only other comment I should make is that I was surprised at the weight difference on the bike, switching between the Titanico and the Brooks with the Pendle bag.  This is kind of a “duh” observation, but something to tuck away for reference.  All that stuff does add up, and its a good thing that I don’t feel the need to go fast.

ps: several warm, dry days are in the forecast!


One response to “Futzin About

  1. I remember when I was a kid riding 30 or 40 miles in cut off jeans.

    I must of had some mighty impressive calluses in dark and mysterious places:-)

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