Ride Report: 04.19.09

Rain was on the way, so if there was going to be any riding, I had to get it in now.  Looking for a little variety, but also wanting to avoid hills, I cruised over to Lower Allen Park, having been tempted by the sounds of a kids’ soccer match as I was riding through Lisburn.  I stopped for about five minutes; watching the kids and listening to the parents.  We are certainly a competitive lot.  I have to laugh a little because I could see/hear myself on those sidelines, but what truly amuses me is that a lot of the cheering is for what basically amounts to poor play.  A great example is where little Susie runs up on the ball and kicks it as hard as she can.  Mom and Dad yell “great kick!”, not realizing that the ball went straight to the best player on the other team who will now carry it up the field, cross to a striker, and a goal will be scored.  The pundits are correct:  America will never be a soccer powerhouse until we’re able to have parent/coaches who have actually played the game.

Also in the park is a very large dog park, and last night it was packed.  I think our Poophead is much too territorial for anything like this and would probably be either forced to sit a time out, or would become lunch for a much larger dog.  Speaking of larger dogs, I swear I saw two families working out some breeding arrangements for their respective German Shepherds.  Was this just a get acquainted date?  Here’s a couple of pooches enjoying their play date:


From the park I toodled over to McCormick Road and surveyed some other wildlife.  This house has the coolest yard, with a real life caboose and a tree house/slide to die for.  Here is a shot of the fountain, which has attracted a heron and some giraffe:


Finally, on the way home I came in Siddonsburg Road and stopped briefly to examine this structure.  It’s tucked back in the woods near Silver Lake.  My guesses are either a forge, a well, or an abandoned house for gnomes.  Later in the evening I spoke to a lady who has lived in the neighborhood for close to 70 years, and she says it has always been there, and she guesses it might be a well:


I’m sticking with the gnome theory, but you won’t catch me in those woods past dark to find out.

Misc. Miles: 2.1

Distance: 20 miles  2009: 292.8


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