Ride Report: 04.16.09

It was a sportin’ kind of evening, and who could blame ’em.  Mid ’60’s, hardly any breeze, sunshine.  Did I mention sunshine?

I passed three soccer practices, three softball practices, a couple other bikers, some joggers, and one pretty serious looking frisbee football match.  Took a spin out to Messiah College and hung out at the sports fields for a bit.  My daughter has been accepted there this fall, and that’s where she wants to go, but were not sure of the finances.  A few other schools have accepted her as well, and one has really come through with scholarship money, while the other, I think, is poised to do so if she would express an interest and enter the International Business/Economics program.  As always, its going to come down to the money.

This is the frisbee football match.  I was impressed at the level of play, and somewhat curious about the girl in the shiny gold pants…she had some serious game:


While sitting there, I glanced up on that ridge and caught the sillohette of some headstones.  From any other angle, I doubt that I would have seen them.  There was a steep access road that the granny gear took care of, and I was greeted by an impressive view:


This row of older stones was on the border of a larger plot of more current graves.  These dated from the early 1800’s – Kralls and Zooks – common Brethren in Christ names and most appropriate for Grantham/Messiah.


On the way back home I diverted up Arcona to catch a view of our church softball team practicing on their new field.  I have to say that they look better than last year, but the outfield needs to work on judging those high flies.  I’m not one to talk, but it amazes me how players can judge where those hits are going to land.


I had to hit the lights for the rest of the ride, which took me down by the Yellow Breeches, up through Lisburn, and back in Moores Mountain.  Great ride…sore legs this morning.

Today is also a great forecast, so the commuters were out in force.  I spotted a track/fixie going across the Market Street bridge to Wormleysburg, and a cool decked-out grandma coming off of 4th Street onto Market.  Spring has sprung!

Distance: 24.5 miles  2009: 270.7


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