My Feet Hurt

It’s part of getting old, but it’s also part of riding with cheap narrow pedals and soft-soled shoes.  I figure I either needed to get a pair of expensive bike shoes (no way), or try a wider platform pedal. 

I was a little leary about dropping the toe clips, but after riding the X bike around and based on the recommendations of  Dave and Grant Peterson; I ordered a pair of GKS Grip Kings.


They should show up in a week, and I’ll let you know how they work out.


3 responses to “My Feet Hurt

  1. Interesting, please do let us know how they work out. I just the clipless pedals off all my bikes- with my recent knee surgery-I want maximum freedom on foot placement.

    I run bmx pedals on my mountain bike and just regular platforms on the Cross-Check. That style of pedals would certainly spiff up my Cross Check

  2. I really like platforms, personally. I have some rather large ones with pins in them, and they grip all the shoes I’ve tried, quite well.

    I still use clipless pedals on my mountain bike, though. And sometimes I wish I had them on my road bike, mainly during long climbs. But the convenience and flexibility of the platforms is fantastic.

  3. I hope they work out for you too. If you feel like you wish they had even more grip after you try them out, check out Riv’s Reader #41. They have a how-to for adding pins to the grip kings using allen set screws. They’re pretty narrow, but the length makes up for it.

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