Ride Report: 04.14.09

I guess I needed to test my fenders to make sure they still worked.  Last night at 7:15 it was just a little misty so I figured it would make for a nice ride.   By 7:30 the sky had opened up and it was a steady rain.  Imagine taking a cold shower for 45 minutes.  Fortunately my wool shirt and Cannondale tights kept me fairly dry, and the only cold I noticed was my hands, which were only covered by a pair of open finger cycling gloves.

While I pride myself on my luddite bike persona, I have to admit that my cold weather gear has me looking like a real poser…tights, neon jacket, etc… No one gets to see the “real me”, who is wearing a wool shirt underneath all the lycra!  Life can be so unfair.

The highlight of this ride was coming onto Observatory Road, where I spooked at least a dozen deer that were hanging out in the woods.  I think they wanted to cross the road and hide in another field, but I kept moving down beside them for about a quarter mile, frustrating their attempts to cross.  We were probably 25 yards apart.  Eventually they got to a fencerow and just stopped and looked at me.

Misc. Miles: 5.2

Distance: 11.5 miles  2009:  246.2


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