Ride Report: 04.07.09

I couldn’t help myself.  Iwas out in the garage working on the Trucker, playing around with the seat angle, and it looked like the snow flurries had passed through and the wind was dying down.  I went upstairs to get dressed for a short ride, and when I came back down to the garage, big honkin flakes were blowing sideways.

My choices were to turn around and veg in front fo the TV for the evening, or test my adjustments, see if the fender rattle was now gone, and work off the Neato Burrito from lunch that still had my stomach pushing out over my belt.  Off into the great white wild!

Crosswind gusts of that strength are a bit of a challenge, but I took it easy and just laughed at my own foolishness.  It ended up being a fairly short ride around the community, probably never more that two miles from the house.  Midway through the snow stopped, and it turned into what felt like a typical winter ride.  I should also note that the temperature dropped 20 degrees in as many minutes when the sun went down.

As I was pulling up Garriston Road I noticed a squeeking coming from the front end.  I hate bike noises because I immediately start thinking about critical failures and expensive repairs.  The squeek seemed to match my pedalling, so I’m thinking about bottom brackets and pedal bearings, but the sound was more up front.  When I got into the driveway, I discovered that it was coming from the headset…interesting since it was matching my pedalling – there must be a slight extra little bit of torqueing at that point.

I sprayed a shot of teflon underneath, wiped up the excess and it seems to have solved the problem…at least for now.  I’ve put close to 3K miles on this bike since I got it, so I should probably be thinking about getting it serviced.  All it really needs is the headset, rear hub, and BB lubed; but these tasks are beyond my skill level.  I really should have seen to that this past winter.   Ahh.   Maybe next winter – it’s time to ride.

Distance: 8.1 miles  2009: 229.5


2 responses to “Ride Report: 04.07.09

  1. Fortunately, threadless headsets are serviceable with just a couple Allen wrenches, mineral spirits and some new grease. That’s assuming your bearings and races are still good, and they should be with only 3,000 miles on them. I don’t recall ever servicing a freehub, so check with St. Sheldon. Your BB is a sealed unit, isn’t it? No service required unless you’re a masochist. Just replace it when it gets bad. If you used an older style BB I have the wrenches you need.

  2. Thanks for the advice Scott. I think I’ll get on the Park site and try to tackle greasing the headset myself. Since the BB and the hub aren’t causing any problems, I’ll stay away from them.

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