Ride Report: 04.05.09

My legs are toast.  I am so out of shape, but for some unexplicable reason I ended up doing a hilly route yesterday afternoon.  It started with a loop around Pinchot.  As I was headed up Twin Ponds Road I noticed a rattle on the front end and figured it to be a loose nut on the fork mount for the fender.  I stopped at the lake thinking I could snug it up, but it looks like the fender will need to come off.  It’s a fairly easy fix, but not one I wanted to do on the road, especially since it wasn’t that bad.

When I started, it seemed as if traffic was pretty heavy.  It was a beautiful afternoon, temps at 74F, and I guess everybody wanted to get somewhere outside.  The park was filled with hikers.  Once I got away from the park and peeled off onto some back roads, things quieted down considerably with only the occassional Harley putting along, and then some joggers.  Other than that, it was also a day for working on lawns; cleaning up from the long winter and many doing that first mowing.

As I was riding up Pinetown Road I stopped to take this shot of Ski Roundtop and what is left of the snow.  My thoughts focused on what it would be like to take a bike down one of the slopes, but I had to be contented with breaking the speed limit blasting down Moores Mountain at 43mph.


When I rolled into home I was tired, but the ride had done its job.  Thinking about all of the spring cleaning I saw, I pulled out a bucket and some soap and gave the Trucker a much needed bath from the winter grime.  Some degreaser, some teflon spray, and even a little wax on the frame and some Proofide on the saddle!  I didn’t get to the fender fix, but it was a good opportunity to go over things closely and see where they stood.  The rims look good, but it may soon be time for some new brake pads – they’re not that worn, but they do look “impregnated” with aluminum.

The ghost shifting issue is back, and I’m now considering swapping out to an 8 speed cassette.  My theory is that the 9 speed is just too tight for this setup, and running an 8 speed rear with a 9 speed chain will prevent the chain from “riding up” on the gears the way it does.  I still want to keep 34t for my low, but I’d be satisfied dropping down to 12 or 13 for the high end.  Depending on what I can find, I might just see if I can drop the granny down by a few teeth – it just depends on what works and what budget deals fall into place.

The rest of the week doesn’t look too promising for riding, but I sense I’ll need a few days to recover anyhow.

Misc. Miles: 2

Distance: 21.6 miles  2009: 221.4


5 responses to “Ride Report: 04.05.09

  1. Hey Doc, I have a 8 speed SRAM chain and cassette shifting through a Tiagra derailleur and I have no ghost shift issues whatsoever.

    If you ever wanna borrow the Cross-Check to evaluate a 8 speed set-up…nows the time-I’m gonna be laid up for a few weeks with my knee.

    It’s a 54cm…lemme know.

  2. George, Thanks for the offer, but 54cm is a bit small for me. ‘best of luck with the surgery. Let us know how you make out. If they offer you an “ice machine” for pain management, jump on it. My daughter swore by it when she had her ACL replaced.

  3. I was having a similar problem with my 9 speed when I was using friction shifting. I switched over to index a while back after I realized that my dura-ace shifters still had little ‘notches’ they’d fall into even when set as friction. Spending an hour or 2 really fine tuning the shifting did wonders. Of course, drivetrains are finicky, and it could be chainline, lubrication, or the chain might be out of spec……

  4. thanks for the advice Dave. Unfortunately, since I was intent on friction shifting from the start, I opted to transfer the pair of 8 speed bar cons from my Marin to go with the 9 speed drive train on the LHT. I think I will take her into the shop before I make any changes so they can check for anything out of sync, but if they can’t find anything, I’m going with the 8 speed cassette.

  5. If my barcons were 8 speed, I’d probably go for the 8 speed cassette too…

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