Ride Report: 03.26.09

Easy little jaunt in the rain.  I had too much cake from Ave’s birthday dinner, but I needed to get out and work it off.

Before Christmas last year I had told Red that I could use some Underarmor for cold weather riding.  Then in December I tried a merino shirt and ended up buying several different weights of wool, having been sold on how warm, wicking, and comfortable it was.

But sure enough, the big day rolls around and Red presents me with a medium weight Underarmor shirt.  After a week I worked up the courage to ask her to exchange it.  Well, she must have lost the tags or whatever, so it laid around a bit and eventually made it into the closet with my other sports wear.  Tonight, I opted to try it.

Same old story, but maybe a tad better.  At 44F and wet, starting out I was cold.  After a bit, I noticed cold spots, but also the sense that I was sweating elsewhere.  After about 20 minutes, though, it seemed to even out.  I think ideally this shirt will work if layered over a lightweight merino.  Otherwise, I’ll loan it to Ave for baseball.

Distance: 6 miles  2009: 188.4


2 responses to “Ride Report: 03.26.09

  1. Christmas ’07 Christie gave me a mid-weight long sleeve wool shirt. Even after dozens of trips through the washing machine it’s still scratchy. So I always wear a synthetic tee under it. Or even cotton if nothing else is clean. A few weeks ago I ordered a short sleeve, lightweight wool tee from Rivendell. Even before the first wash it wasn’t scratchy. Anyway, I’m sold on wool.

    A few years back I worked for a shoe retailer and we sold a lot of runner’s clothing. Needless to say, I have lots and lots. I like the feel of it. I like the functionality. I hate the smell after 20 miles in the sun. Wool’s not so bad.

  2. The merino wool seems to be the ticket for being smooth. Most of the shirts I found on Ebay – either new or barely used, at pretty good prices. Much of the stuff is suitable for casual wear, and what they say about it not smelling is true. Wool is the way.

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