Ride Report: 03.22.09

I had the time and I wanted to get in a ride yesterday, but I also wanted to spend some family time.  Problem was that not everyone’s schedules matched mine.  After some haggling, Red and I were left on our own.  We ended up driving over to the Yellow Breeches and cruising the length of McCormick Road.  The brisk evening required that we wear our finest plaid wool overshirts as we cavorted among the mansions and Porsches.

I ended up taking the X bike and Red the Marin.  This was the first test ride of any length for the X bike. so I discovered that the front rack precludes mounting it on the clamps in the back of the Pig.  Next I found that the same rack has a hellaceous rattle that requires attention.  Finally, the rear derailleur needs adjusting of the high stop, since it wants to shift beyond the chainstay.

Red and I compared our bells and she has concluded that my soccer ball dingy is more feminine sounding than her chili pepper bell.  Fortunately, I am confident enough in my manhood not to be concerned.  Here is a shot of her enjoying the ride, and her bell:



When I mention mansions, it is no exageration.  Around our area there are “McMansions” and then there are mansions.  We cruised through one neighborhood where you could tell that “no expense was spared.”  Interestingly, there were some that looked straight out of “This Old House” magazine while one or two were a bit over the top.  We spotted one that was no more than a large brick box, but then had a front portico supported by these awful looking huge white Greek columns.

I don’t know why I took this picture, other than it shows a pretty barn not far off the road.  Once you get up the road a bit, there is a group of older large properties with well cared for buildings – lots of stone and brickwork.  I think it would be a cool place to live, given the proximity to the creek, the college, and lack of car traffic.


Finally, here is yours truly, looking rather smug as I contemplate how I will bring the Trucker, and its very manly brass bell, next time.


Distance: 5.6 miles  2009: 182.4


One response to “Ride Report: 03.22.09

  1. Up until last year….I had a Wal-Mart bugle horn on my Surly…..you really have to have a sense of humor to roll with a squeeze bulb horn.

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