Ride Report: 03.19.09

‘had a great ride last night where I went out Lisburn Road to find a softball field that some guys from our church were prepping.  From overhearing a conversation, I knew it was off of Arcona – and I knew where that was; but I didn’t know exactly where.  I ended up riding on Arcona from Lisburn to West Lisburn on a rather hilly route.  I then backtracked to the intersection of Winding Hill and found a soccer field that I didn’t know about.  From there I recognized a truck parked about 1/4 mile away and realized that I had passed the ballfield.  It is really tucked back behind a house and half in the woods – but it is, or at least will be, a nice field.  I’m not sure what the arrangements are, but it is going to be our church’s “home field” for this league, since we don’t have the land to put in our own field.  Still, it’s a far better place to practice than the old hay field that the guys had been using.  I’m looking forward to watching their season; we always have a lot of fun.

I didn’t have a chance to stay long as I had to be someplace later on, so I ended up riding pretty hard to get home.  Instead of grinding up Nauvoo, I cut across Moore’s Mountain Road to Brennamen and then in.  Essentially I gave up one long climb for a series of short ones.

Last night I could feel the stiffness kicking in, but this was all pre-planned since I knew I won’t be able to ride again until Sunday.  This morning my legs are really sore, but I checked the bike and confirmed that I averaged a full mph faster than my usual pace.

So even though the legs are sore, I found the ballfield; found a soccer field, now know what Arcona Road is like, got to see where Winding Hill starts, and got a killer smile from a young lady who was sitting out on the front porch of her farmhouse.  And today is the first day of Spring!

Distance: 19.9 miles  2009: 176.8


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