Ride Report: 03.17.09

First, here is a pic of the Trucker with the decals removed.  The head badge and the fork decals are still there, but I think this just gives the bike a cleaner, more elegant look:


The weather is teasing us for spring, so I ventured out and took a loop around Pinchot.  This ride is noted for its hills, and despite reminding myself to keep down the speed so I wouldn’t be as worn out the next morning, I found myself blasting down some great roads.

Most people haven’t had a chance yet to get out and clean up their yards, so it’s interesting to see what all the wind and traffic has deposited along the roads.  I managed to procure a like-new blaze orange wool beanie from Cabelas; most likely left by a hunter.  I might have to start taking pictures of oddities on the road since I’ve managed to snap all of the graveyards that I know of.

When I started a little after 6, the temp was 55F.  When I finished up at 7:30 it had dropped to 47F, and when I came home from a meeting around 8:30, it was 44F. Brr.

I’m dealing with a weird situation with our home computer.  Back in December we picked up a virus and I took it to a local shop.  They had to re-install Windows, and managed to lose a lot of data that we had on the drive, particularly pictures, so Red was pretty upset.  I talked to the kid who did the work, but he wasn’t very good at returning my calls, and eventually tried to explain that the drive was failing, which caused the loss.  OK, I wasn’t happy about it, but at least the virus was gone.

A few weeks ago I downloaded a recovery program and ran it.  It identified a lot of image files, but nothing useful.

So a few days ago, a message pops up indicating that the drive is almost full.  This was a total surprise.  I start snooping around, and discover that, yes in fact, the 80 gig drive is just about full.  The problem, though; is that when I bought the computer last April, it came with a 250 gig drive.  and I remember verifying that with a system check.

So at some point today, I’m going back to Alliance Computers and explain my problem.  I can’t prove anything, even if it was an honest error; or why they would even have had to remove the drive, but I suspect I have been hosed out of a 250G drive and a boat load of family pictures.   Rats.

Distance: 16.2 miles  2009: 156.9


2 responses to “Ride Report: 03.17.09

  1. That’s weird. They took the 250 gig drive out and replaced it with an 80 gig drive?

    I’m not the smartest tech on the planet, but the *very* first thing I do with a clients computer before I do *anything* is make a copy of all the documents, files, contacts and pictures and put them on one of my portable hard drives.

    That way if I hose Windows I can reinstall it and at least you still have your stuff.

  2. I spoke to a guy behind the counter, and he wants me to bring it back in. They have all of the documentation from the original service, and he is speculating that the tech, when he reloaded Windows, reformatted the sectors as if for an 80G drive rather than 250. He’s saying that’s only speculation, otherwise they’ll need to see what’s going on and take it from there. I’ll probably take it in next week.

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